I'M what SIZE? The truth behind formal wear

Hello, my lovely wallflowers!

One of the most common comments we receive about formal dresses is how SMALL they run. Girl, don't worry, it's not you.

Formal dress sizing is based on the cut of the dress and not street clothing sizing [everyday clothing size]. To add to the confusion, dressmakers tend to have their own sizing system, and every sizing system is different. There is not currently a standardized sizing chart for formal dresses. It's a system designed to have us all ripping our hair out. 

So, if you panicked when you tried on that fancy dress in your normal clothing size, which was WAAAAAY too small, that is completely normal. I know I did. Almost everyone has to size up 1- 3 sizes. 

Remember we are all built differently, and we all have different curves and shapes, so if you want that perfect fit, take your dress to a seamstress and have it altered.


Until next time, you got this! 

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